Chemical Overhaul

If your airconditioners have been used for a long period of time without maintenance, they need a chemical overhaul. This process enables us to restore the performance of your unit. With chemical overhaul, we will help in improving the functionality of the unit. A chemical overhaul:

  • Lubricates fan bearings to make sure the unit operates quietly without producing any noise
  • Checks thermostats and controls of the unit
  • Cleans pipes, blower wheel and drain pans with appropriate chemicals
  • Cleans fan evaporator coil to facilitate smooth transfer of heat without the build up of dust and grime
  • Replaces faulty bearings and eliminates operational noise

Our experts, with chemical overhaul, extend the life of your airconditioner and assure trouble-free operation. Thus, you will be able to restore cool air and ensure efficient cooling of your room while saving on your energy bills.

Benefits of our chemical overhaul in Singapore:

  • Clears aircon leaking water problem
  • Accelerates cooling with savings on electrical consumption
  • Savings on entire maintenance cost
  • Elongates the life span of equipment

Aircon Leaking Singapore
Aircon leaking is a common problem you have to contend with. Airconditioners discharge water from indoor unit through a drainage pipe. Over a period of time, the indoor unit absorbs dust from your room. The water from the indoor unit, after getting mixed up with dust, forms dirt, which chokes the drainage pipe. This leads the water to back flow and causes leakage. Clogging of air pipes and condensation leaks can also lead to water leakage. Our technicians will check the insulation behind the aircon indoor unit and also the installation of the drainage pipe. Schedule an appointment with us immediately if you have a leaking airconditioner. Avoid expensive repair bills by identifying the root causes of water leakage and repairing your aircon at an early stage.

Why Your Aircon Takes a Longer Time to Cool?

If your aircon is not cold, it may be due to several reasons:

  • Leakage in refrigerant
  • Insufficient airflow
  • Heavily loaded aircon
  • Inefficient filter

With regular servicing of aircon, you will be able to prevent these problems. Our trained technicians will be able to detect these problems at an early stage and provide solutions.

Up to 180 days for workmanship

Chemical overhaul of your air-conditioning system helps in ensuring that your unit functions safely and effectively. Your filters, especially, require regular cleaning due to the allergens that they contact. Our experts change filters regularly, which will ensure that you have a healthier and clean home. We also effectively clean your fan evaporator coil, as a clean coil facilitates transfer of heat without building dust and grime. Our professionals also take special care in cleaning thermostat and controls for your cooling system. We use high-quality chemicals to ensure that your thermostat operates in a smooth and accurate manner.

With chemical overhaul, your unit will cool the room effortlessly while consuming less power and saving you on your electricity bills. With a proper chemical overhaul, your aircon will be well-maintained and you do not have to replace the parts frequently or constantly need maintenance services. Our professionals, with their efficient services, will be able to restore even an old and used airconditioner to its original form. Get in touch with us right now for optimal chemical overhauling services.

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